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Runtime Revolution?

Every year someone asks for Runtime Revolution. Of course, if a company would call and say "We order the function x for Runtime Revolution", I would start and write them that function. But in general is there an interest into plugins for Runtime Revolution?

The plugin API for Runtime Revolution has this features. You can
  • declare custom commands and functions
  • send messages to current card
  • evaluate expressions
  • get and set global variables
  • get and set local variables which includes access to key/value dictionary and arrays
  • get and set fields by name, index or id.
  • redraw images by name, index or id.
This means you can not:
  • declare classes, modules or controls
  • pass arrays or dictionaries as function parameters
  • access image objects directly
This limits possible plugins to basicly have only global functions. Functions that take an array would take the name of the local array variable and lookup the array values using that name.
So is there someone who has interest? And especially companies who want to order custom plugins?
14 05 10 - 11:55
nine comments

Hi I got your contact through Robert Marquardt on the revolution nabble list.

It seems that you could be interested in building some libraries for runrev?!

I just wanted to let you know of a runrev “hole” that would call for an external library to deal with basic audio functions.
— runrev uses quicktimes, and just allow to play and record, full stop.
— a quicktime external “enhanced” library does add a quite a lot of functions. But it is mostly targeted at video. Example : the transition filter does not seem to deal with the audio channels.. so no audio fade in an out. Up to now it is the great and only existing sound library for runrev, thanks to Trevor de Vore.

Sound quality is something important to users, even unconsciously it brings a sense of quality. Se we miss just a few basic sound functions like :

A to enhance quality of recorded wave files : – fade in / fade out – cross mix fade in and out – normalization – a simple basic reverb/echo combined for voice/music with basic setting

==> Just that would be a really nice helper that could let you test the runrev world!

B to output mp3 (so far we have to use lame which is great, but, implies installing that on each computer… an included plugin would be much more simple and reduce risks of support issues)

C ?? if hunger for .. basic mix functions between deifferent sound files, opening up a new era for runrev for music tools…

There are a few people who have done a few great music programs already on runrev. The challenge is that a runrev library has to be ok in Os X and windows.. and possibly linux.. !

have a good day from France,
Robert Maniquant
Robert Maniquant (Email) - 14 05 10 - 13:13

It would help if you could give some examples and tell us which plug-in you could create for RunRev.

I’m not sure I understand the technical explanation you gave about what is possible or not with RunRev. ;-)

Personally, yes I would consider buying plug-ins.

RunRev is a great developping tool. Its customers basis is growing and I think it’s a great tool for businesses to create “intelligent dabatase front ends”.
Christophe - 14 05 10 - 14:29

Well, the easiest would be if you look on our REALbasic Plugins, the FIlemaker plugin or the SQLiteExtension and tell me what you could use from them in runrev. Be aware that we have global functions, so classes from REALbasic would need to be turned in a couple of functions.
And this audio ideas are good, but currently a much too big project. We’d need an audio library we can use (maybe QuickTime?) and we could create an interface for it. Creating audio effects ourself may be not worth the time. And for MP3, well, you need to check patents and pay royalities, so it may be better to use some command line utilities in background.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 14 05 10 - 14:41

Hi Christian,

If you are wondering about RR development, feel free to contact me. You’ll recall my involvement with Valentina, which is available for both REALbasic and Runtime Revolution. Also, that I managed REAL’s sales through RB 5.5 and have been selling Revolution for the last three years. Lots of other projects too, check out my new publishing company Mirye Software (http://www.mirye.net).
Lynn Fredricks (Email) (URL) - 14 05 10 - 16:26

Interesting to me.
William Roger Moseid (Email) (URL) - 14 05 10 - 17:55

There are a number of plug-ins for RunRev that I would like to see. Unfortunately, creating a custom plugin for one particular project is often too large an investment for the type of projects I do. However, for most projects an additional 10 to 20 dollar for a plugin would be no problem at all. I wouldn’t order a custom-built plug-in but I might pay a shareware fee for it once in a while.
Mark (URL) - 17 05 10 - 00:51

Hi I got your contact through Robert Marquardt on the revolution nabble list.
Andre (Email) - 25 07 10 - 12:51

revBrowser works rather well on Win, on the Mac it is non compis mentis.

A snippit of revBrowser action is below. What could you do for Rev with your plugin?

“revBrowser is actually an evolution of the altBrowser external created years ago by Altuit. Because of this, there are several limitations to how it works as the external interface for RR can only ‘do so much.’

For instance, revBrowser actually opens a window OVER a stack. The window tracks the stacks movement, but not the card to card movement and that is why it continues to show when you go from a card to card. But, you can easily close it within a preOpenCard command. Many of the other refinements you mention, while very good and interesting as a native control, can not happen with an external such as revBrowser and so must be explicitly coded by the developer”
William Moseid (Email) (URL) - 09 08 10 - 00:32

I know this is kind of old… but:
Isn’t about time that someone does a (runrev or Filemaker ?) plugin that allows Runrev to talk to FileMaker ?
I mean from runRev locally read and write FM records, fire FM script with parameters getting the result, etc.
Without using Applescript, VBscript or cumbersome ODBC setups ?
Roberto Trevisan (URL) - 22 05 12 - 19:10

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