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MBS Plugins 10.3 Release Notes

We will release 10.3 plugins later today. Here are already the release notes:
  • Added NSUserDefaultsMBS class.
  • Added ATSUTabMBS class.
  • Added CFAttributedStringMBS class.
  • Added WindowsProcessStatisticsMBS class.
  • Added QTKitCustomMovieViewMBS class.
  • Added QTKitCustomCaptureViewMBS class.
  • Added ChartDirector Control example project.
  • Added classes to use USB HID Devices on Linux: LinuxHIDInterfaceMBS, LinuxUSBBusMBS, LinuxUSBDeviceDescriptionMBS, LinuxUSBDeviceHandleMBS and LinuxUSBDeviceMBS.
  • Added options to PNGReaderMBS class to support reading PNG pictures in iPhone format.
  • Added DynapdfMBS.GetInIsTrapped.
  • Added NameExtensionMBS and NameWithoutExtensionMBS functions to folderitem class.
  • Added WindowsVMStatisticsMBS Constructor.
  • Added Picture.BlurMBS function.
  • Added constructors to QTKitTimeMBS class.
  • Added PictureMBS.CalculateMemory.
  • Added PictureMBS.CanAllocateImage.
  • Added PictureMBS.ImageFormatBuffer.
  • Added PictureMBS.Combine functions.
  • Added PDFPageMBS.Render.
  • Added constructors to NSBoxMBS and other Cocoa view classes.
  • Added to PictureMBS: FillRectRandom and CompareImages and added some speed improvements on FillRect and CopyPixels.
  • Added CustomPDFViewMBS class.
  • Added coordinate convert methods to NSViewMBS and PDFViewMBS.
  • Added more methods to PDFViewMBS class.
  • Added more constants to CGDisplayMBS class.
  • Added more methods to NSGraphicsMBS class.
  • Added more methods to NSLocaleNumberMBS class.
  • Added gesture events to CustomNSViewMBS.
  • Added SQLReplaceBooleanMBS function.
  • Added new functions to SystemInformationMBS module: MachineID, HardDiscSerial and CPUBrandString.
  • Added Lasterror property and RawData method to WindowsFileVersionMBS class.
  • Added notification strings to NSViewMBS and NSWindowMBS classes.
  • Added constants for DRTrackMBS.
  • Added NSControlMBS.font property.
  • Added QTGrabberMBS.DisableDecode property so you can reduce CPU time if you don't need frames currently.
  • Added SummaryMBS class.
  • Added more methods to SystemInformationMBS: MacBugFixVersion, MacMajorVersion, MacMinorVersion, WinBuildNumber, WinMajorVersion, WinMinorVersion, WinServicePackMajor, WinServicePackMinor, WinSuiteMask, WinProductType, WinCSDVersion and WinPlatformId.
  • Added WIA classes for Windows Image Acquisition.
  • Added AbsoluteToNanoseconds, CurrentTime and NanosecondsToAbsolute to MidiPacketMBS class.
  • Added folderitem.EjectVolumeMBS.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Changed CURLS Plugin on Windows to link to a different set of libraries so CURL now supports SSH on Windows, too.
  • Improved NSViewMBS.RenderImage and added new parameter for subviews which makes it working better with WebViewMBS.
  • Improved PictureMBS.CopyPixels. In special case for RGB/BGR data the copy is done much faster if the images are similar constructed. We could optimize for other image formats in the future.
  • QTGrabberMBS now does creating RB picture of CurrentFrame on demand to reduce CPU usage.
  • Changed most CURL examples to use CURLSMBS instead of CURLMBS to make them working on Windows right away.
  • Changed WindowsFileVersionMBS so it gives you at least a few numbers even if no string table exists.
  • DisplayMBS no longer reports duplicate resolutions. Streched resolutions are now ignored.
  • Improved DeleteResourceForkMBS and DeleteDataForkMBS to use newer APIs.
  • Improved WindowsAddPrintJobMBS class.
  • Improved QLPreviewPanelMBS so it conforms more to the way Apple wants us to use it. This avoids error and warning messages on the console.
  • Improved folderitem.UnMountVolumeMBS with additional parameters and now returns error code.
  • Updated FlushVolumeMBS, IsEjectableVolumeMBS and IsOnRemoteVolumeMBS in folderitem class to use newer Apple API.
  • Fixed text encoding on DynaPDFMBS.EnumHostFontEx on the FilePath parameter. Now Windows ANSI on Windows and UTF8 on Mac/Linux.
  • Fixed a crash in SQL Plugin with SQLite on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug in SQL Plugin String handling.
  • Fixed a check in the ScreenshotMBS function which made the plugin use slower QuickDraw methods in cases where OpenGL should have been used.
  • Fixed PDFViewMBS constructors.
  • Fixed SignedInteger64MBS.UnsignedInteger64.
  • Fixed UnsignedInteger64MBS.SignedInteger64.
  • Fixed WIAItemMBS.DeviceDialog
  • Fixed WIADeviceManagerMBS.GetImageDialog
  • Fixed a couple of WIA constants.
  • Fixed bug with CustomNSViewMBS mouse handling.
  • Fixed a leak in the NSExceptionMBS and other exceptions.
  • Fixed a crash in DynaPDFMBS.CreateDeviceNColorSpace.
  • Fixed QLPreviewPanelMBS.Available to return true only on 10.6 and newer.
  • Fixed a memory leak with SFPasswordAssistantMBS.
  • Fixed the WindowsMutexMBS class to do the cleanup better.
  • Fixed QTGraphicsExporterMBS.SettingsAsText to use correct text encoding on Windows.
  • PictureMBS.CopyPixels now returns boolean value for success or failure.
  • Renamed GetInfoResposeCode to GetInfoResponseCode in CURL classes.
  • QTMovieExporterMBS.SetupDialog functions can now be called with nil movie to show the generic dialog without a preview.
  • Now more than 4000 inline example code pieces in the documentation.
  • Splitted PDFKit plugin part internally into two parts. One with views and one without. So you can get a little bit smaller applications if you don't use the views.
  • Splitted WIADeviceManagerMBS into WIADeviceManager1MBS and WIADeviceManager2MBS. On Windows Vista you will want to use WIADeviceManager1MBS for digital cameras and WIADeviceManager2MBS for scanners.
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