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Mac App Store announced

Today Apple announced a Mac App Store. A cool idea and I think no Mac developer wants to be outside. The service fee is quite high with 30%, so you'll certainly want to make additional sales outside their store. But this raises questions:
  • For example what does Apple define as a minimum level of an application?
  • What must I comply to? support as minimum?
  • Do they want a clause in the contract that their price is the best price available?
  • How would we handle updates? Especially as some apps come from the store and some not?
  • Can we query in our app the status whether we are installed by the store or do we have two binaries?
  • Does Apple test our apps and check quality?
  • Do they limit our possibilities?
  • Is maybe Carbon not allowed?
  • Is my application rated 18+ if I offer some browser window?
  • Can I use libraries/plugins? Do I need to provide license proofs or information on those libraries?
A lot of questions and we'll see how things will work out. Having a central store is a great idea and I hope I get my apps more visible to millions of users :-)
20 10 10 - 22:15
two comments

These are good questions, and with Java apps banned from the App Store, I’m wondering if REALBasic qualifies. Any word? I’d like to move production to REALBasic instead of Objective C, but it seems Apple’s intent on making OS X as iOS-like as possible.
Ruffin (Email) (URL) - 22 10 10 - 15:52

The Java deprecation has it’s reason that Apple does not want to make it. Oracle will have to support Java on Mac OS X and provide installers in the future.
And as Java is no longer preinstalled, Apple can’t accept applications for the store which do not launch on every Mac.
REAL Studio will be fine. There will certainly be some tweaking and you’ll have to check the rules, but I expect it to work well.
Christian Schmitz - 22 10 10 - 16:38

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