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Studio Stable Database works with our SQLite Extension

The Studio Stable Database Server is a database server for REAL Studio. It's written in REAL Studio itself and uses REALSQLDatabase on the server. So basically turning a server interface over SQLite and the same as REALserver was. But the backend as well as the interface is both written in REALbasic instead of C/C++.
Today I tested it. I can install my SQLite extension by simply copying the extension file into the extensions folder. Once that is done, I can use the SQL commands and enjoy my functions.
See this example code which connects to a local server and performs the UsernameMBS function:
  Sub Open()
dim address as string = ""
dim port as integer = 3100
dim applicationName as string = "TestApp"
dim password as string = "test" // this is the server password.

// connect to SSD Server
dim ssdb as new SSDatabase(address, port, applicationName, password, false)
if ssdb.Connect then

// run a function
dim r as SSRecordSet = ssdb.SQLSelect("select UserNameMBS()")

if r<>nil then
// show result of function
MsgBox r.IdxField(1).StringValue
MsgBox ssdb.errorMessage
end if
MsgBox ssdb.errorMessage
end if
More information here: studiostable.com/Database.
PS: There is a special offer available this week (until 27th February) for the license with source code. Maybe a good chance?
With source code you can modify the whole server to your needs.
21 02 11 - 21:12
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