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We have a problem

on Windows with Visual Studio 2008. Maybe someone reading this can help?

We recompiled 400 plugins with Visual Studio 2008 with static multi threaded runtime.
Now on launch the init code of the runtime allocates thread local storage space. After 100 plugins called TlsAlloc, it fails. And Real Studio stops loading any more plugins.

What can we do?
  • Increase TSL limit, but how? At least for the IDE raising the limit could help.
  • Link with DLL runtime? No, we really don't want you to be required to include vcrt80.dll with your applications.
  • Link with LibC instead of LibCMT? That could help, but Visual Studio 2008 has no LibC without multithreading.
  • Recompile own runtime library and comment out all those multithread stuff? Well, a lot of work and I bet those multi thread stuff has a reason why it exists.
  • Or Real Studio is changed, so plugins are unloaded when Real Studio read the declarations. (except those plugins with controls)
Do you have an idea?
Linux and Mac OS X are not affected.
see also: Feedback case 18043
22 08 11 - 16:42
one comment

I don’t claim to understand all the things you are referring to in this post but the last item struck a chord.

We’ve been working on expanding our version control system and the problem of IDE plugins and plugin version dependency came up.

So, if #5 might mean a change where the IDE could load plugins dynamically, and perhaps on a project by project basis, then we’re all for it!

Steve Upton - 23 08 11 - 01:19

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