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Filemaker 12

This morning Filemaker 12 was released. A little surprise. Didn't expect it by now. But well, the plugin seems to work fine. This new version adds better Drag & Drop on Mac, so you won't need our plugin for accepting file drops on a media field. But still you can use our plugins if you want to accept drops with emails, text, url or image data. All the things that are not files.

On the server, they move to 64 bit and we'll have to rework the plugin to support that new 64 bit mode. I'll have to wait for details on this from Filemaker.

So far our WebViewer, Dialog, CURL, GraphicsMagick and other plugin functions seem to work just fine. I tested more than 50 examples so far.

What doesn't work, seems to be the function to hide scrollbars on a Filemaker window. But maybe with new functions of formatting windows, this is no longer needed?

If you see a problem with current plugins, please email us. We'll test more and probably make the 2.7 plugin release with all changes for Filemaker 12 ready in the next weeks.
04 04 12 - 19:31
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Hi Christian. Yeah, I noticed the hide scrollbars doesn’t work. And unfortunately, with all the new window features in FM12, hiding the scrollbars isn’t one of them. So it’d be great if you can get that to work again in FM12. Good to hear the rest of it works. I haven’t had any trouble yet other than the scroll bars thing.
David Thorp - 09 04 12 - 19:14

I agree with David, please, please, please bring us the Scrollbar Hide Function back again (is it possible).

Thank You.
Aron - 10 04 12 - 11:52

It should be fixed in next prerelease. Please report any bug you see as soon as possible.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 10 04 12 - 18:09

Hi again. Just tested it. It does indeed hide the scrollbars, but as soon as I resize the window, it shows them again. It’s not meant to do that, right? :p

Mac OS X 10.7.3, FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v1, MBS 27pr5
David Thorp - 13 04 12 - 16:09

do not resize it. Really I can only suggest to disable resizing on the window.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 13 04 12 - 17:39

Umm… so what if i need a resizable window without scroll bars (which is in fact what I need)?
I used to have that with FM11 and MBS2.6
David Thorp - 15 04 12 - 18:11

I will work on that. Still its possible that I may not be able to support it both for Windows and Mac with resizable.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 15 04 12 - 21:56

Mac? Mac! Please! :D
Aron (Email) - 15 04 12 - 22:38

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