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Using Dropbox for plugins

Today I created two shared folders on my dropbox account: MBS Real Studio Plugins and MBS Filemaker Plugins.
I'll put in the future new plugins there and if you like I can subscribe/invite you for this. And don't change the folders!

Dropbox is a nice way to sync files. Still I'd love to have a few advanced features. Like following a folder. So people can subscribe without asking me and see the folder with readonly access.
That would be nice to provide downloads in general, especially if the folder would be available over the web for public download.

Interested? Just drop me a line by email.
23 04 12 - 09:54
four comments

Hi Christian,

There are a couple of free alternatives:

SugarSync: gives you 5GB of free storage and works pretty much like Dropbox, except for a few differences, including setting read-only permissions and the ability to sync any folder you want on your computer. You can also set a shared folder to require a password, so users will need both the link and the password to open.


Box.net: Like SugarSync, Box.net gives users 5GB of free personal web storage and can sync to the desktop. All users have to permission levels available: read/write access (Editor) and full read access (Viewer). The Viewer access allows users to download items, share, and comment on themóbut not upload or edit items in the folder. There are more permissions levels available in the Business and Enterprise versions of Box.net, which seems more suited for collaboration than many other file syncing/storage tools.




P.S. The https link does not appear as a link in the comment
Markus Wnter (Email) - 23 04 12 - 10:27

Well, I’m not really looking for alternatives. I need something popular which seems to be Dropbox.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 23 04 12 - 11:02

I may be misunderstanding, but you can share a folder and people load it over the web and see changes/download files.

What you can’t do is share a folder that users can load as an actual folder in their filesystem. But over the web? I do it all the time.
eduo (Email) (URL) - 25 04 12 - 17:30

Well, for having the folder on the web for people download, we have the normal download page.
The key thing here of Dropbox is that people subscribed to my shared folder can find new plugins there when the dropbox synchronizes. So the plugins are on their disk without a manual download.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 25 04 12 - 18:08

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