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Notes from Real World Keynote

About 64 bit:
Mac: Spring 2013
Win/Linux: Summer 2013

32 bit OSX in Q1/2013
64 bit OSX in Q2/2013
Windows/Linux Q3/2013

only for building and old compiler for running in debug mode

Real Studio 2012r1
old IDE, new framework and new IDE with r2.

Changes in RS 2012r1:
* Apps use less memory
* Apps are 1 megabyte smaller due to framework changes
* HTMLViewer on Windows can use Webkit.
* Incremental BLOB support for databases
* WeakRef
* Updated Plugin SDK
* over 350 bug fixes (a lot of for Cocoa)

Beta soon, ship in August.
24 05 12 - 16:25
six comments

August? how about december 22 X(
mahyar (Email) - 24 05 12 - 18:33

Well, it’s very impressive what they are doing, so I can think about that it takes some time.
Christian Schmitz - 24 05 12 - 20:34

RS business as usual. Promises, promises .. and no action. Figures.. Ah well, we learn to live with it. But ‘shame-on-you’ nevertheless.
Very disappointed !
Stephan (Email) - 24 05 12 - 21:10

Well, the most important changes have been announced for the 2013….
What we have to expect from the RealWorld 2013? Do the RS will go to Mars (programming for the 2020)?
I am not so interested for the new framework I will be quite well if they finally released a fully functional cocoa support.
I hear for the IOS support (programmed for the 2030?). In the mean time I will surely abandoned RS.
max - 25 05 12 - 10:12

Things announced for 2013 … knowing RealSoft that will not before 2014. And I bet my house property on that. RS fails in almost everything they try to achieve. I would be not surprised to see them bankrupt this or next year. :/
TomT (Email) - 26 05 12 - 12:14

hummm a lot of stupid comments…
dazz - 31 05 12 - 23:43

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