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Xojo iOS support around the corner

It's december and Xojo Inc. announced a few things this year. One of them is that 2014r3 will include iOS target. Another promise is that iOS target may cost some extra money for existing users. Especially I think they mentioned something like $200 extra for existing Pro users as an add-on.

This gives some possibilities for future pricing. One of them is that old Pro license will not cover iOS, so there may be a new iOS including Pro license?
But if existing Pro users pay an extra to upgrade, there is the chance for a new higher price for Pro license with iOS.

But what happens with people who don't want to pay extra for iOS. e.g. because they don't own a Mac?
Well, we have some cases for them:
  • Pro is a new target and sold separately. Fine, you can update your license now or later, it doesn't matter. And if you need iOS, you can buy it.
  • Pro is getting more expensive as it includes iOS in future. In that case you may want to extend your license now before iOS target ships.
  • Xojo sells Pro and Pro+iOS with different prices. In that case you can also wait and see which pack you want.
Anyway, if you are not interested in iOS, you should update now before something changes.

If you like to program with Xojo for iOS target, be happy as we all bet Xojo 2014r3 ships before Christmas (engineers want holidays, too).
05 12 14 - 15:55
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The new pricing will come as a storm for sure. Be prepared for a bunch of hate postings at the xojo forum!
Stephan (Email) - 05 12 14 - 19:24

I’d really like to see them offer a monthly billing option. $999 or more is too steep for me to take the plunge for Pro without saving up for a while first. $79 to $99 per month, however, is something I could work with straight away.

By the way, is a subscription option for your complete plugins set something you’d ever consider? I suppose there’d need to be a license revalidation at compile-time for such to work, if that’s possible somehow with the Xojo environment.
Michael - 07 12 14 - 02:49

Sorry, but I don’t think I could do a monthly subscription for this.
But you can simply pay with credit card and pay off the debt there in monthly payments.
Christian Schmitz (Email) (URL) - 07 12 14 - 10:29

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the reply. That’s a great suggestion. In my case I can’t do that due to medical bills at this time, but I hope to get caught up and become a customer sometime in 2015. I’ve been really impressed with your plugins in my demo mode testing.

Best regards,
Michael - 12 12 14 - 02:03

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