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Job offer in Midlands, UK

We just got notice about a job position from Dave Duke in UK:

Name: Dave Duke
Company: Access defender ltd
Phone: 0792 0123456
Website: www.siemfree.com
E-Mail: Dave@daveduke.co.uk
Location: Wet last Midlands UK
Platform: All

I am looking for 3-6 xojo developers to be based in West Midlands UK, at least 5 years RB/XOJO experience. Security experience a bonus. SQL Postgres XL a bonus. Positions start at £50,000 and above.

Problem solving a must!

These are full time job positions, a new company set up to deliver security solutions.

I know Dave now for over 5 years as a Xojo developer using our plugins. I did myself several consulting projects for him and I know that he hired at least one other Xojo developer in UK for another of his companies in the past. So if you are looking for a Xojo related job in UK, maybe this is your chance?
01 07 15 - 16:11