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Embedded SQLite and encryption

As you may know we are big fans of SQLite. So we offer for both Xojo and FileMaker to use SQLite for connecting to database with our SQL functions.

Now we have a SQLite internal library already for some time in Xojo. With next prerelease we add that for FileMaker. So with both tools you can now use MBS SQL functions and use the internal SQLite library. This frees you from providing yourself a dylib/dll file. Currently we use version, but can update at any time. If you need a specific extension for SQLite, we can also check if we can enable it by default. Currently we support column metadata, full text search, soundex and thread safety.

Another thing we add with next prerelease is encryption. We licensed the SQLite Encryption Extension and include it now by default. You can use it to access SQLite databases using our plugin with AES 128 OFB, AES 256 OFB and RC4 encryption. The AES 128 mode is the same as in Xojo (or Real Studio).

To enable encryption, please use in FileMaker the SQL.SQLite3.SetKey function after connecting. In Xojo we have SQLiteEncryptionKey properties in both SQLDatabaseMBS and SQLConnectionMBS classes. If you set those, the plugin will apply the key after connecting automatically for you. Alternatively you can use SetKey method in SQLite3MBS class directly.

Interested in testing, please contact us soon to get a copy to try or wait for the next prerelease to be uploaded.
24 09 15 - 10:01
four comments

Thanks Christian! That sounds like it has a lot of potential, particularly for my app. What would be the limits on an internal SQLite db, in terms of size, # of records, field size and types, etc? Would this be in-memory and volatile requiring some kind of synching to save data to disk or will it be persistent?
William OKeefe (Email) - 24 09 15 - 17:22

Well, this is the same as normal SQLite database. Just when reading/writing to disk, the encryption is done.
For in-memory databases, no encryption is used.
Christian Schmitz (URL) - 24 09 15 - 21:18

Hi Christian, why should I use MBS with SQLite in Xojo? What are the advantages compared to Xojo’s native SQLite support?
Greetings, Carsten
Carsten Belling (Email) (URL) - 24 09 15 - 23:18

There may be tons of reason. Maybe the MBS SQLite is a better/newer version or has a different feature you need? Or you use our SQL Plugin to connect to various database and now can use same code for encrypted SQLite.
Christian Schmitz (URL) - 25 09 15 - 09:11

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