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Dropping PPC, OS X 10.4 and/or rbx plugins?

For the new year, I thought about whether I could drop something for Real Studio.
The downloads for Real Studio are down to about 10% compared to Xojo plugin downloads.

The users with Real Studio version capable of building PPC apps may be down to less than 1%, so I wonder if I still should spend time building PPC and Universal libraries.

When PPC support is no longer needed, it may be worth to move the minimum target for OS X from 10.4 to 10.6. For 64-bit, we already use 10.7 as target and for Cocoa 10.5. Using 10.6 for all of those could simplify coding.

Finally if downloads for Real Studio go down further, the rbx plugin format is at question. I considered already to write a converter to convert Xojo plugins to rbx plugins, so users in need of those plugins could do conversion themselves. I would no longer need to upload those plugins.

What do you guys think about such changes?

PS: If you still use Real Studio, please use latest 15.4 plugins. They still work with REALbasic 2006r4 and newer!
29 12 15 - 09:45
four comments

I’m fine with 10.6 as minimum version. I still use REAL.studio so would appreciate the plugins in that format.
Markus Winter (Email) - 29 12 15 - 13:25

Cocoa only works properly with 10.7 and higher. Haven’t used Real Studio in ages. So I’m fine with the changes.
Beatrix Willius - 30 12 15 - 05:36

I think dropping PPC and moving to OS 10.6 min should be OK with (almost) everyone. Personally I am also OK with dropping REAL Studio but you will have to make that business decision.
Tom Baumgartner (Email) - 02 01 16 - 21:40

Ich arbeite immer noch mit RB 2012, da ich mich nicht mit dem Editor von xojo anfreunden kann. Die Entwicklung unter Windows ist mit RB erheblich schneller und logischer. Entwickeln in RB und zum Schluß mit Xojo compilieren und liefern.
Frank Jürgensen (Email) - 06 01 16 - 11:12

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