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SQLite 3.13 with ICU

Recently a client asked for support of ICU in the MBS SQL plugin.
There is just a little problem. ICU libraries are 20 MB in size and including them for all platforms would increase SQL Plugin size for about 120 MB in size!
But you can use our SQL Plugin with an external SQLite library. Simply download the source code and built a copy with ICU enabled.

For your convenience I just built a copy of the SQLite library for Mac using the ICU library coming with OS X:

Download: SQLite3Mac.zip

To check whether it is working, you can for example do a "SELECT upper('ä')" and see if you get back ä (non working) or Ä (working). You can try lower, like and regexp, too.
02 07 16 - 18:56
seven comments

Hi, how can I compile SQLite for iOS with ICU enabled? Or may I use your posted library for iOS too?
Stefan - 08 08 16 - 13:48

This library is only for Mac.
On iOS you will probably statically link sqlite.
Christian Schmitz - 08 08 16 - 14:05

Thanks for your quick answer!

Linking the library does work. But how do I compile/build/create a SQLite copy with ICU enabled for iOS?
Stefan - 08 08 16 - 14:20

Sorry, no idea.
I just linked on Mac by enabling SQLite extension for ICU and linking against the ICU library Apple provides on OS X.
Christian Schmitz - 08 08 16 - 14:30

Hi, I currently try to perform this task for iOS…
Could you tell me/us how you did compile this? With what command(s)

Thanks a lot
Hannes - 11 10 16 - 23:01

Well, does iOS come with ICU? I just added library icucore for linking.
Christian Schmitz (URL) - 12 10 16 - 01:32

Yes, I do have an icucore in iOS, but currently I,m doing something wrong when I do the linking.
Would it be possible to share the command you used to compile it?
Hannes Tribus (Email) (URL) - 12 10 16 - 08:08

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