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xDev Magazine Issue 15.3

The May/Junel (15.3) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • Binary Serialization by Sam Rowlands
    How to convert data objects into binary files and back again.
  • To Proxy or Not To Proxy... by Mark Strickland
    Mark shares how he used the NGINX web server to solve his Xojo web app problem.
  • Beginner's Guide to Xojo by Marc Zeedar
    New to Xojo? Here's the ultimate guide, a broad overview with the critical details you need to know to start using Xojo like a pro.
  • Sharing Data for Health, Part 1 by JC Cruz
    Once you've got a health app created, you may need to share that data with other applications and services. Here's how you do that.
  • The Problem With Abandonware by Marc Zeedar
    iOS is becoming a field of abandoned apps and Apple's forced move to 64-bit is only going to make the situation worse.
Plus: Xojo 2017 Release 1, Best Backup Practices, InnoSetup, and more.

Meet Marc Zeedar at the MBS Xojo Conference in Berlin, 4th/5th May 2017.
01 05 17 - 10:35