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After the conference is before the conference

We had a great Xojo conference in Berlin last week. Thanks everyone helping.
  • Record attendees with over 80 people signed up.
  • Great hotel right in the center of West Berlin
  • Next to a big train station, so easy to reach.
  • Great sessions with great speakers!
  • Over 100 beers and 25 wine bottles were consumed on the Thursday evening.
  • Had 6 ladies at the conference, a new record.
  • 20% of attendees have been visiting XDC in USA before.
  • Had a lot of young people at this conference. Including two students who won free tickets.
  • The brewery is a great place to visit although next time I need to order bus for later time.
  • Hotel bill arrived and everything is fine.
  • I am collecting slides and we will put them up on the website soon. You’ll receive a download link than.
  • Videos will follow later.
Planning for next conference has already begun. I will make a survey again as I need to approximate on the head count to plan for. Munich with same number of people seems to be doable with the same ticket prices. With less people a bit higher. Now I have to find out which weeks would be available in the hotels. Oktoberfest, school holidays and some expositions play into that. Let me know if you know a specific week wouldn’t work for you (and others).

On the long run we may continue with two conferences, one in spring in USA and one in fall in Germany, so attendees from both continents can fly over Atlantic and stay extra days for vacation and sight seeing.
10 05 17 - 11:24