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New Windows Framework for Xojo coming

Have you read the blog post The Short-Term Xojo Roadmap from Geoff Perlman, CEO of Xojo Inc.?

Looks like they feel sorry to change the priorities on a few projects. Xcode 9 requires them to use 64-bit debugger for iOS apps. So be aware not to install Xcode 9 too soon!
While they work with all engineers on 64-bit features, the Android, InterOps and the Xojo Library project type will be delayed.

Good thing is the work on the new/improved Windows framework makes progress and Geoff announced it in the blog post! There have been rumors about this and maybe it was mention before at conferences as one of the side projects they do. Details are to be seen. This could be anything from using layered drawing on Windows, embedding some .net controls, switching to .net framework for the GUI or even using Windows Presentation Foundation for this. FileMaker uses WPF as far as I know. I remember we talked about that some time ago and how plugins may be affected.

For the MBS Plugins, well, we have to see what Xojo Inc. delivers. It may be that all functions related to windows and controls on Windows will no longer work. If we still get a normal windows handle for the windows, some things may work. It may be a lot of work, to change plugins and declares, but getting rid of flickering, should be worth it!
19 09 17 - 21:47